Essential Dental Needs During COVID

COVID-19 has shown us all, our health is very important!

COVID-19 has brought attention to many things. One of those things is a simple concept — hygiene. However, one type of hygiene that often goes overlooked is dental hygiene. While overlooked, dental hygiene actually plays an important role in everyday health and living making it essential for dental needs to be met during COVID.

Dental offices are taking COVID-19 very seriously.

Dental work can be looked at as a risky work environment for spreading the virus. Dentists work invasively in patients' mouths for periods at a time. Luckily, there hasn’t been much uproar about dental work going on during COVID-19 because dentists have already been following proper precaution for years. The CDC also has recommended and provided a plethora of information for those working in dental settings making it safe for patients to continue getting their essential dental needs during COVID-19.

What is considered an essential dental need?

Well, dentists take care of some of the most basic things like annual cleanings all the way to more extreme things like fixing a cracked tooth. The extreme scenario is likely to occur any time, teeth are fragile if you aren’t careful, and if cracking a tooth were to occur then it would be categorized as an essential dental need to get fixed. Allowing dental offices to keep their doors open to the general public looking to acquire dental care.

Up keeping your dental health allows for the ability to speak, eat, smile, and even have a boost of confidence. The CDC has reported that more than 40% of adults have felt pain in their mouth within the last year. While times have been stressful enough, it’s important to avoid making times more stressful by catching a cavity. Unfortunately, staying at home has only increased food intake. This could lead to an increased possibility of cavities or gum disease. The ordinary person may not notice the changes going on in their mouth, but a dentist surely will.

Dentists notice and can prevent other health factors from getting worse. Gum disease and other dental problems are linked to heart disease and other conditions like mouth cancer. Delaying or not receiving dental care could pose risks in the long term such a sending up with tooth decay, gum disease, or tooth loss. However, getting the essential dental needs taken care of could prevent or solve these issues from occurring so don’t delay your essential dental needs during COVID-19.

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