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Benefit-driven, smile-inducing cosmetic dental care services for your teeth. It's time to put the pearly whites on display!

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a field of dental practice aimed at changing the appearance of your teeth and smile. The best place to go for this type of work would be Vogue Dental Group, who has been serving patients in need since it opened its doors decades ago.

Cosmetic dentistry strives for one goal: giving patients the perfect smile they've always wanted while maintaining their health and function. With treatments such as tooth-whitening or orthodontics, our team can help you achieve gorgeous results in just about every way possible. Whether it's creating a new look with porcelain veneers or straighten crooked teeth with Invisalign®, we have everything covered at Vogue Dental Group

You'll be so glad you scheduled your dental visit with us!

You don't want to wait until it's too late before scheduling a dentist appointment, as the longer you put off going for an exam and any necessary work, the more likely problems can accumulate.

With our convenient online booking system at Vogue Dental Group of Woodland Hills, CA 91367 we make it easy to schedule appointments that fit into even busy schedules.


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You don't have to look any further for the best dentist than Vogue Dental Group and Dr. Rad! They are your friends in Woodland Hills, CA 91367 with their friendly demeanor and top-rate dental work that has helped many people's teeth over years now!

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What is the process for veneers?

Getting a porcelain veneer is usually a 3 step process. The first step is to get a consultation with the dentist. At this visit, you can outline your concerns with the dentist, and he or she will explain how veneers will work for you. The second step is to prepare the tooth for the veneer. A small amount of tooth structure is removed and an impression is taken. The dentist will then place temporary veneers. At the third appointment, temporaries are removed, and the final veneer is bonded to your tooth.

How long does teeth whitening results usually last?

In office ZOOM tooth bleaching can last anywhere between two and three years. Taking proper care of your teeth and avoiding the common causes of tooth discoloration such as: smoking and drinking coffee - allows you to experience longest-lasting results.

What is tooth bonding?

Tooth bonding is done to repair teeth that are damaged, decayed, chipped, discolored, or fractured. Sometimes, this can even be used to fill small cavities because it is more appealing than the silver fillings.

Why do I need crown lengthening procedure?

A crown lengthening procedure is designed to reshape the gums at the base of the desired tooth in order to expose additional tooth surface, and if necessary, adjust the bone level in order extend the height or size of the portion of the tooth that is visible above the gumline so that your new restoration has enough tooth structure to hold it in place.

Do you guys offer Invisalign®?

You want teeth that are straight and white, but you don't have the time to wear braces? We offer a great alternative: Invisalign®!

Invisalign is one of our most popular services because it provides an effective way for patients who cannot tolerate traditional orthodontic treatment. No metal wires or brackets mean no more sticking out your tongue just so someone can see what color toothpaste you use.



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